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Start-up india ,Stand india....Welcome to Toekoms where everything is made in india.

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Creative design with reasonable cost

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R & D Team

Take up your business with our research and survey


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Easy integration

Everything can be set in one click. Why  fear when infoxy is there.


Free consultancy

Our Team’s expertise allow us to understand the problems behind your projects.

Discount for new start-up

We always need a website in discount rate for Start-Ups, infoxy ‘s exclusive offer for start-ups.

Offer promos

Everyone wants more offers  ,promos ,yes you are in the right choice with infoxy.

Friendly to everyone

We are always with you ,round the clock.


Centre of Excellence

A place where the highest standards are maintained and our experienced team members are always updated with current demand .

Fresh thinking

If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always got.

Individual approach

Our 1 by  1 process helps us to point out the needs of our esteemed clients .

1. Authentic Resources

To provide maximum utility of our services, we never experiment with any concept. We have experienced experts with valid resources to carry on with the mission of our clients creating more of possibilities to march further.

2. Basic Infrastructure

Our basic infrastructure has the strong inbuilt plan of provided quality services at par with international norms and up to date technical and intellectual support. The presence of ultramodern tools and equipment and think-tanks are all strong in solving problems and giving constructive ways to the ideas.

3. Quality Policy

We have uncompromising procedures which guarantees the quality of our services from all dimensions because we look for long-term and competitive aspects of our professional commitment. We feel deeply satisfied by providing quality assurance to all our clients.

4. Confidentiality and Security

The services provided to our clients are fully secured with continuous confidential business processes with fully protected data, plans and programs. Thereby we ensure the uniqueness of our relationship to our clients and commitment to the profession.

5. Pricing Factor

Our pricing factor is always customer friendly, affordable and based on reasonable factors with transparency of charges and costs and no doubt flexible in comparison to others.

6. Consultation

We have a very prompt team of consultants those who provide very updated and varieties of IT solutions as well as web designs of international standard at a local cost and help the clients maximize the returns by adopting the right techniques, approaches and technology.

7. Total Support

Our team of experts provides total support right from the beginning to the end of a well-defined process of designs by putting forward the details of input and output factors beforehand so that the complete outlay of the web designs, IT related factors and artistic factors will be clearly portrayed before our clients.

8. Our Mission and Vision

We envision the best of relationships and long-term solution of clients’ problems by fulfilling their needs from time to time. Quality assurance with global standard services associated with developmental and creative skills is our motto. We aim at guaranteeing productivity by means of competent and cost effective means achieving all-digital, media and web related matters.

9. Key Developmental Drives
  • We completely make out your business plan.
  • Technically, we fit into your needs and goals.
  • Go on surveying in order to acquire the latest information in the competitive market in your field.
  • Bring clarity of concept and methodologies of work plan with frequent coordination with the experts and clients.


Our StartUp India Scheme Registration will Be Open on 1st July to 10th july.


Client Testimonials

One of my friend suggested to work with Toekoms Technology ,and I have talked with them and fully satisfied with their service .Really I am feeling happy…

Amit kunal

Entrepreneur , RMCL

Toekoms Technology has very cooperative and skilled team members .The best web solution in Bhubaneswar. Thanks Toekoms Technology to realizing my childhood dream HUMHAIN.

Debesh Divyadarshan

Founder, HUMHAIN

Our Esteemed Clients